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Sometimes you may want to sort your data in an order other than alphabetically or numerically.  One way to achieve this option is by creating a custom sort column.

TOOLS:  Microsoft Power Bi Desktop version 2.71.5523.821 64-bit (July 2019)

TASK:  Add custom sort column to data sheet


Using Microsoft Power Bi Desktop from the selection bar on the left select the ‘Data’ icon.  Under the ‘Home’ tab on the menu ribbon select ‘Enter Data’. 



A window titled ‘Create Table’ will pop-up. 

PBI_NewTable 2

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Data results that represent money or currency display as unformatted.  In this post I will show how to format the results as currency.

TOOLS:  Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio v17.3; AdventureWorks2008

TASK:  Display unformatted SQL results as currency


The image below shows the unformatted SQL results.


To display the ‘Sales Last Year’ and ‘Sales YTD’ results as currency add the highlighted function to your query.

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C')

FORMAT(SalesYTD , 'C')



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TOOLS:  Microsoft Power BI Desktop v2.72.5556.801 64-bit (August 2019)

TASK:  Data imported from excel does not display the first line of data as the column headings.  Use first row of data as column names.



By michelemayaw on 11/12/2017 10:19 PM

Whether you are a beginner or experienced writing queries you may receive an error message when you execute a query. 

SQL identifies errors within a query by line number.  Instead of counting through each line it is much more efficient to use the Line numbers option.

TOOLS:  Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio v17.2

TASK:  Select Line numbers option.


Using SQL Server Management Studio from the menu bar select Tools then Options from the dropdown menu.


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