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Writing SQL Queries: Formatting Numbers as Currency

Data results that represent money or currency display as unformatted. In this post I will show how to format the results as currency.

TOOLS: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio v17.3; AdventureWorks2008

TASK: Display unformatted SQL results as currency


The image below shows the unformatted SQL results.


To display the ‘Sales Last Year’ and ‘Sales YTD’ results as currency add the highlighted function to your query.

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C')

FORMAT(SalesYTD , 'C')



To display the results as different currencies add culture code to the currency format function. A few examples are listed below.

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C', 'en-US') USA

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C', 'pt-br') Brazil

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C', 'en-gb') Great Britain

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C', 'de-de') German

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C', 'zh-cn') Chinese

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C', 'ja-jp') Japanese

FORMAT(SalesLastYear, 'C', 'it-it') Italian



Reference link to comprehensive culture code list (SQL-Server-Helper.com) - http://www.sql-server-helper.com/sql-server-2012/format-string-function-culture.aspx

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