8/27/2019 michelemayaw@gmail.com

Creating Power Bi Reports: Correcting Display Headers for Imported Data

TOOLS:  Microsoft Power BI Desktop v2.72.5556.801 64-bit (August 2019)

TASK:  Data imported from excel does not display the first line of data as the column headings.  Use first row of data as column names.


Select 'Get Data' from the top navigation bar, then select 'Excel'.  You will notice the column headings in the example below are 'Column1', 'Column2', etc.  The column headings should be the data in the first row.

Select 'Load' to load the data.

Select the 'data view' icon on the left side of the report canvas.  From the top navigation bar select 'Edit Queries' then 'edit queries' from the drop down menu under the 'Home' tab.

Select the drop down menu 'Use First Row as Headers' then select 'Use First Row as Headers'.

You will see the data in the first row is now shown as the column headers.

You must select 'Close & Apply' from the 'Home' tab of the top navigation bar to save the changes.

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